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Getting SSL to work with hMailServer



I purchased a SSL certificate from Go Daddy yesterday and got it working with my domain without any problems. As part of my domain I also host an email server and I would like to use the certificate to provide secure email services. When I try to use the certificate hMailServer asks for the private key. Where is this key stored and how do I access it?


I created the CSR using IIS 8 copied and pasted it into the Go Daddy website and they handled the rest. Does this mean that the private key is held by Go Daddy or is it on my server somewhere.


Many thanks.


Hi @DaveB_1983. Thanks for posting.

The private key is generated by your server when you create your CSR. It would be stored on your server and it is not provided to or stored by GoDaddy.

I'm not familiar with IIS8, so I couldn't say where exactly it would be on your server.


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