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Godaddy Spoofed Email scam

I just received the following email that reads in part:


Dear Client,
        We noticed that you need to verify your email address. All you
        need to do is click the button below (it only takes a few
        seconds). Kindly review your information's and update where
Verify your email address <hxxp://gmtechperu[dot]com/GoDaddy/index.htm>


 Fortunately, I noticed that the page url was not Godaddy's domain.  I wonder how many other GD clients will get fooled by this?   If you wish, I can forward the entire message text.




Super User II



Yeah, spammers are uber creative.   They can pretty much make any email look legit.   That one had a bunch of red flags from the "Dear Client" -- GoDaddy doesn't address their email that way to the grammatical errors.


To be safe, everyone should do what you did and mouse-over any link in an email that you didn't request or that doesn't make sense.  😉

"I never lose. Either I win or I learn." ~ Me

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Hi @tubastuff,


As @Muse pointed out, you should never fully trust any email and check where it's come from etc. A certain giv awhey iz de tipe ov spells dat crims uze coz dey didna gow 2 skool and bad grammar.

Mind you, that rules out most teenagers these days too...........!!! Smiley Frustrated

Just be careful...............


You can post the email here if you like. Just redact your email address and any private info. It may help folk to know what to look for.

Here is a another try by a spammer/scammer, although not very creative in its attempt to look like it came from GoDaddy, because of the close date and urgent sounding, simplistic request for interaction, it could easily fool an unsuspecting user into following the "update link" into the rabbit hole of infection or data theft. People always research before clicking or just call GoDaddy support and ask if they sent you something!





Hi @BigCin805,

Would you please report these emails to our team by emailing to You can also find out more information on reporting abuse here and fill out the form to report abuse here Thanks much!


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