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Image Download from Online Storage

There are a couple of Google services that will display a logo image if the user provides an HTTP link to the image file. I'm trying to figure out whether I can use my Online Storage to store images for this purpose. I have added image files to my Images directory in Online Storage. However, when I paste a provided link into a browser address bar the image is downloaded as part of a fully formatted HTML page, including header, body, etc.

 Is there any way I can use HTTP to download just the image file itself? For example, I would like to put my logo into the header of my gmail stationary. But to do so I need a link that downloads just the image file, not the image file embedded in an HTML page.


(FWIW, I get the file as I need it when I put the image file into my FTP space and download it with ftp. But the form I'm using will accept only http and https commands. It will not accept ftp.)



Nevermind. I put the image files into the public_html folder and now they download exactly as I need them