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Linking Office Business Premium Account (ordered directly from Microsoft) to godaddy domain account

I have an Office 365 Business account ordered directly from Microsoft. I also have a GoDaddy domain as well as an business email account (10 mailboxes, unlimited mailbox size) from GoDaddy.


In Office 365, there's a setting so that I can have my users use Outlook from Office 365 with the GoDaddy domain. This means that they can send/receive emails from the Office 365 (Microsoft) login - which, incidentally, also uses the email accounts (for login) from GoDaddy.


One login to Office 365 and they can manage document sharing as well as messaging.


However, in the configuration for GoDaddy domain management in Office 365, it's indicated that mailbox sizes are limited to 50 GB. Clearly this won't work. I just want to confirm that the domain management offering from Microsoft Office 365 for Business is not replacing the business email that I have with GoDaddy. 


Not sure that this is entirely coherent, but the main question is really what will happen when I configure Outlook/Exchange in Office 365 for Business (Microsoft) with my GoDaddy domain.




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Anything directly from Office365 is a completely separate product than what you may get at GoDaddy, even the version that they offer. However, you can use it with no issue. You just have to update your MX records in your DNS zone file and you should be good to go. You cannot, however, use both email products on the same domain.

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Thanks for the response. That’s what I wanted to know. If I use the Microsoft product with my GoDaddy domain, I lose out on my unlimited mailbox that I have with the GoDaddy premium email. So I’ll keep using the GoDaddy email.


The main reason for asking that question was due to the fact that Microsoft’s Office 365 Business comes with a lot of other products, while GoDaddy’s premium email is just that - email. The Calendar is a separate purchase. And the GoDaddy Office 365 is slightly more expensive than the Microsoft Business product.


Thanks for the response, that was what I needed to know.