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Massively frustrated with Office 365 / SharePoint. Need an expert familiar with GoDaddy's setup.

I have a lot of experience as a SharePoint 2010 site owner. My experience with SharePoint Online thus far has been massively frustrating. I'm wondering if my account was set up correctly and if I have the right permissions.

1) Microsoft says I should be able to rename the very unfriendly URLs to my domain name, but I can't because the link they say to use takes me to the GoDaddy website.

2) Microsoft says I should be able to add custom tiles to the Office 365 home page, but I can't because the link they say to use takes me to the GoDaddy website.

3) I can move the tiles around on the App Launcher, but I am unable to move the tiles on the Office 365 home page, point them to a different location, or add custom tiles.

4) The SharePoint tile leads to a really stupid page that does nothing for me and that I can't edit.

5) This stupid page contains tiles to SharePoint sites that I never asked for and can't delete.

6) I played with creating and deleting a group. SharePoint deleted the site created for the group is gone, but not the tile on this stupid page.

7) I am also finding bunches of features within sites that I am used to using, but that I apparently lack permission to use.

What is going on here? Was my account set up correctly? I don't see how I can use Office 365 effectively the way it's set up now and I'm not getting any help from GoDaddy support other than see what Microsoft has on their website.

Community Manager

Hi @NellieNobody


Sorry you're feeling frustrated with the options available in our Office 365 accounts. While I can't help with the tile/app changes you'd like to make, I was able to find a way to change the URL for a site. To do so, you need to do the following:

  1. Access your Office 365 account and click the Admin tile.
  2. Under "Website" click the link for Manage your public website. 
  3. Click the link for "Change Address" and select a domain.

As you've pointed out, the way Office 365 is set up in our system doesn't allow for you to add custom tiles or change the Sharepoint home page. I will be sure to pass your feedback on to our developers for consideration. The orphaned tile that you're seeing doesn't sound normal, so I suggest reaching out to support to have that looked at specifically. They can also verify if your account is set up correctly or not. Hope that helps. 


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give likes.

There is no "Website" anywhere on the left navigation pane or on the dashboard in the admin center. On the dashboard, under "Domains", there is a "Manage domains for your website and email" link, but it redirects to the GoDaddy dashboard.


I have reached out to Support, but all they tell me is to look up SharePoint Online on the Microsoft website and take their tutorials, as if the real problem is my ignorance.

Could somebody pleeeze help me with this?

Hey @NellieNobody,


Not sure if you're referring to the original issues you first posted or something else that's happened since then. If it's something new, we'll need more details so any reviewing this public discussion can help suggest a solution. 


If it's the original issues, many of the errors you described sound account specific which is something no member on the community is going to have direct access to review. As Jesse previously suggested, you'd want to reach out to our support team once more so they can help investigate further. 


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

This is total crap.  I am having the EXACT same issues as Nellie is describing.  And to see the answers he is getting is even more frustrating.  I paid money for things I am not getting because of Godaddy's inability to have the right personnel knowing their own offerings.

So here it is.. 

Moving my sharepoint website from MS


go daddy

finally after 24 hours 5 godaddy people 4 charges 3 refunds being sold wrong products..

To no avail 

not a soul at go daddy can help me get my site up and running as MS weblink states go daddy will assist in transition.. 

go daddy needs to step up and help my one man entrepreneur .. 

FTP files done

Default.aspx not working !!!

I am on godaddy server with MS software whats the issue 


Go daddy please assist


I am also having issues with Office 365. I am computer ignorant enough that if it doesn't work correctly, I'm lost. I followed all of the directions setting it up and thought I was OK, but I am not getting my new emails, and this is for my business. I'm so frustrated. I spoke to Go Daddy support and was just told that if I was having issues with my email it was an Outlook problem. Well guess what.....I pay enough to have Go Daddy care that I was doing fine before they changed to Outlook.

Plus I keep getting error messages "IMAP Server Alert. Your IMAP server wants to alert you to the following: COPY failed <end>"

Your email issue is unrelated to the issues I'm having. I suggest you start your own thread.


Was a resolution ever found? .... I am going through the same scenario.


My organisation wants to use Sharepoint and synchronize the library with the pcs.

When I try to synchronize it I have a message, the library is too large (I tested with just one file and same issue). I found a documentation on office 365 forum where they explain to reinstall a new OneDrive for business but I have the same issue.

If I post my question in your forum, it is because I tried the synchronization with the library to one of our partners who doesn't use GoDaddy and it worked.

Do you have any ideas?


Greetings @benjaminist, We'd love to help, and we appreciate your determination, but we have no specific data to resolve this here.

The community can provide general information, advice, and educated guesses. However, individual threads may receive responses from community members hours or even days after a post, so this isn't a reliable or optional way to obtain timely account support (especially since we cannot access the referenced account). We encourage you to contact 24/7 support as they can address or escalate an issue.


Best regards,

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

I contacted support and had the same issue has everyone else on here. They said it was my devices issue and not their issue. However I have a regular Microsoft account and do not have the issue. So I contacted Microsoft and they its a provision on Go Daddy's end to repair. But yet Godaddy said is a Microsoft issue which it is not. I have over 1000 bucks wrapped up in this go daddy deal. And not one can figure it out. Amazing should have never switched to the godaddy 360 plan was a huge mistake.


We are in the same boat. I have lots of experience with SharePoint 2010 and work with clients who have office 365 sharepoint directly through microsoft who do not have this problem. It appears that Go Daddy's setup strips many of the usual admin controls required to customize your sharepoint site as you are accustomed to doing.  Mine sticks us with a bright pink icon for the page that we cannot change. We are a defense/aerospace company, LOL. Not happy right now.  We are likely going to drop our 365 with go-daddy and switch to microsoft direct.  Go Daddy

tech support flatly told me that none of them are trained on sharepoint, they just sell it. He didn't even have someone he could hand the call of to... unblievable.  I was shocked frankly. 



Hi, The Office365 Adminstration Center appears broke for me because I authenticate through GoDaddy.  I tried everything and researched the web, called GoDaddy.  Then, called Microsoft.  Finally, called GoDaddy again and they also had issues troubleshooting.  The GoDaddy tech was doing his job and we troubleshooted more, but basically I've been running in circles all morning.


The microsoft tech told me to have the domain released and go through microsoft.  I'm a developer and need all features for my business premium for creating apps/webparts, etc.  

I also logged into my Azure Active Directory and deleted users/updated roles.  Nothing fixed this issue.


Good luck everyone.

I was able to bypass GoDaddy Office365 Administration error by using my onmicrosoft login.

Normally, I login with with GoDaddy.

Instead, I now login at with and have Microsoft's full Office 365 Administration and not GoDaddy administration.

I specialize in ODFB support and last week, I took 2 client calls and both happened to use GoDaddy and O365.


When I logged in, I saw that both clients did NOT have the newest Admin software - it looks like GD has kept them on the old Admin center. So I was not able to click a radio button to start the switch to the new sync client for them.


I also noticed both clients were still on the groove.exe OneDrive sync client. This sync client has many problems with it. I had to manually remove their groove client and install the new sync client.


The newest sync client will sync with SharePoint libraries and the file limits have been lifted. If people are on O365 directly from Microsoft, they would have had an easy path to upgrade.


My recommendation is to get off GD O365 and get your own O365 account directly with MSFT. You'll get updates and have fewer problems!


I blog quite a bit about O365, OneDrive for Business & SharePoint on my website at if you want to go there and do a search for a particular OneDrive problem.


Lynn  Dye



Hello Nellie,  Godaddy today sent me this link, which basically says that sharepoint public sites are going away and will be taken down by March of 2018.  It continues to say that ID's will no longer access sharepoint sites, which explains the problem we are seeing with external users not being found in the sharepoint directory, even when we verify they are there  So publicly shared sites and  anonymous access go away which includes any access from, or any other free Microsoft account.  However,  I think I am reading that group sites within a named domain will remain, and and you may share within a group and only at the document level or with other office 365 OWA/business essentials users at the document level.  So, this essentially forces users to buy into enterprise business accounts/emails, because only IDs within an enterprise email domain will work...getting rid of the free office mailers.  Also we will no longer be able to share at the site top level down for all documents in the site, just at the document level.   I am not sure what the communications process is supposed to be for Microsoft to disburse their announcements, but someone sure dropped the ball.  The rep at Godadddy, said that her gurus on the other line had no knowledge of the Announcement  in the link she sent me today and that our issue about shared access not working  was the first they knew of it today when they went to investigate.   According to the MS announcement, that info is two years old.   Certainly, it is not just good enough to have an announcement on  a website "somewhere".  It must be conspicuous, in a place where you cannot miss it, and have to trip over it on your way to where ever it is you need that information.  The Sharepoint tile, when you click on that page to access Sharepoint, that is where such an announcement should have that newcomers don't go down that path and develop a public site that is already slated for obsolescence.  Not really sure what responsibility Microsoft has to inform GoDaddy of such changes or the public for that matter.  If Microsoft had posted this notice on a telephone pole, on 9th avenue and 44th street, where I grew up in Brooklyn N.Y., it could be argued that a notice was posted in a public place that was accessible by everyone.  But if you live in Miami, you would have to know a notice there and that you need to go read it because it effects you...i.e. someone would have to send you a pointer to it, or put a pointer in a place that was conspicuous where you can't miss it on your way to where it is that you need that info.   So Microsoft may be at fault here also.  We had the rug pulled out from under us on this one. Here are the links.