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Migrate CPanel Email Address to Office 365

We have a domain hosted in GoDaddy and since we are hosting on GoDaddy using CPanel login, we have the option of creating and using 10 email addresses using our domain.


Now we plan to take the GoDaddy Professional Email, can anyone tell me if we can migrate the existing email addresses which we have created to GoDaddy Professional Email and migrate all the existing emails (data)  as well. Please provide the details on how this can be achieved. 




Hi @mkbethur

You can migrate from cPanel hosted emails to Office 365, we actually provide a service to do so for a fee, you can contact our support team for more details. If you prefer to perform the migration on your own, you will need to backup your email data using an email client and then restore the data once your Office 365 email account is setup. 

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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