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My Email Won't Download to my IPHONE (IMAP) Issue

I have a WorkSpace (Email Account Via Godaddy) that I purchased to make sure I could use the IMAP settings.   Has worked fine downloading, sending from my IPHONE for over a year.   Randomly it just stopped working a week ago (account is still active, Godaddy Reps I have talked to don't know what issue is) 


I even downloaded SPARK mail to my Iphone and it still only downloads my MAIL until Oct 30 and then nothing after that.    I log in to webmail and securenet via desktop and it works.   I log into Outlook via my Desktop and its fine.   It's just the IPHONE and this specific godaddy email.  


Any Ideas??   Password is right, Username is right, setting are right.   


Re: My Email Won't Download to my IPHONE (IMAP) Issue

Hi @BakerMaker, thanks for posting.

Since this is only affecting your iPhone, I couldn't say what the issue might be. Any issues with the email account itself would be present in Outlook and Webmail.

You may want to try uninstalling the email app on your phone (or resetting it to it's default settings) and reinstalling the email app.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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