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Need DKIM added to Workplace Emails - Emails are going to SPAM with Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo

After exhaustive research and constant issues, across my entire agency, with our emails going to spam, I finally came upon the issue. DKIM **MUST** be added to our accounts to get past the SPAM filters with Microsoft and Google. I called in and was told that you cannot provide that to your Workplace Emails. Actually the "support" didn't even seem to know what I was talking about, which was very concerning. Why can't we (Workplace Email Users) be provided with this extremely important DKIM? I have an agency with over 240 agents using GoDaddy workplace email. We have had continued issues with our emails going SPAM in Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo. I am spending thousands of dollars and receiving ZERO service. This is completely unacceptable under any circumstances. When I call in, the only answer they have is "Switch to 365 exchange email". They have also told me that they no longer offer the Workplace email so do nothing in terms of ensuring their existing clients are able to actually USE the email. We NEED DKIM added now! We are currently being ripped off by shoddy service and the inability to get our emails to our clients. We are losing money by lost sales/contact!


Hi @jenmmv

DKIM is a DNS record that you can add to your domain. It is not included with most email providers, however can be enabled within Office 365. You can add the record to your domain but it is not something that we support. I suggest using your favorite search engine to find instructions on how to do so. 

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