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Office 365 - Outlook -- SENDING emails of POP account

Hello --- Since you converted me to Office 365 in February of this year I have never been completely satisfied... one thing then another.

Well today all of a sudden I can't send emails from an "additional" email account I have in OUTLOOK.  It is a account....  I can receive e mails but even that is not constant.  So I go to the settings to double check my ---  OUTLOOK used to be so easy but what has happened... as I can't REPAIR or check the settings is says don't have permission or some such -- when trying to send I get the pad reply - outlook cannot connect to your outgoing smtp server..  If you continue to receive this notice contact your server administrator.

any suggestions?


Community Manager

Hi @RickRisingHigh. Sorry to hear you're having trouble. Since it seems you're trying to send email through Earthlink, you might need to reach out to their support for more information. I did find this Earthlink help page that might help you find the right settings to use for that kind of account. This Microsoft article may help you with what settings you need to change. Hope that helps.


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.

Jesse --- I have the correct settings and try to update in the appropriate place but that whole section is so LIMITED on its ability to insert settings --- I mirror my settings from other PC that I am getting emails from and able to send from so this has got to be something I changed or changed on this particular computer and not an issure ....   Like I say same settings are working on a laptop - phone etc.

I struggle withe account changes or repairs in outlook Office 365 like I said.  Your response is so typical from a godaddy support systems person.