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Office 365 emails going to junk

My website is hosted on GoDaddy and I'm using a C# code to send emails from it. The only setup I could make it work was like this:

<smtp deliveryMethod="Network">
<network host="" port="25" userName="" password="mypassword123" enableSsl="false" />


I'm emailing the same account that I'm using to send emails (it's a contact account) and all messages are going to Junk. If I BBC myself using a Gmail account, it goes to my inbox normally.


What should I do/check here?



Former Employee

What is possibly happening is that because emails are being sent from contact@ and are being sent to contact@, that generally throws a flag for spam as this is a common method used by spammers. Have you tried sending a message from the contact form to your gmail account? 




Hi Jay,


I tried and it works fine. Any suggestion? I didn't want to purchase another email account just for that.

Hi Anicetolnc,



Something you may want to try is add an alias to your current Office365 account. It may or may not work but its worth a shot. Here is a guide on setting this up:


You could try making an alias for for example and have the emails sent to that. At first, if they are flagged as spam, just login to the O365 webmail and select the email in the junk view and mark it as not spam and I hope that will solve this for you.


Hope this helps! 


Mine is doing the same thing, was there a fix found?

Same here. Our emails are going to spam, especially with client who have google. This is a problem Go Daddy needs to fix asap.