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SPF record help!

Our company uses the desktop Outlook program (365) to send/receive emails and also uses a third-party program to email invoices to customers. We are having maybe 10% of emails bouncing back with errors saying to add outlook's SPF to the record. 


I have two SPF's added to the record one for outlook and one for the Invoicing software. I am aware this requires a hybrid setup. How can I find a way to make Outlook's server info required rather than the invoicing server?


Hi @dsglassford, thanks for posting.

There isn't a way to make specific SPF records required. All SPF records for your domain are in effect.

Are the emails that are bouncing sent from the Outlook/normal email, or from the invoice software? Could you provide the exact text of the bounceback?

You might also want to follow up with your domain and the SPF records, and perhaps a Community member familiar with the invoice software you are using can review it with you.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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I am having the same problem.  Alerts bounce back to me as a 'fraud alert'  "This sender failed our fraud detection  checks and may not be who they appear to be.  Learn about spoofing"


I'd sure like to know how to fix it.  One link said I needed to add SPF value to my record value.