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Should be simple -- where to find SMTP settings in CPANEL?

Still in the process of moving over to CPANEL from the older Linux hosting on GoDaddy.  Only have two Wordpress sites moved over.  However, trying to configure the Wordpress Contact-7 forms to send email, I cannot find the SMTP server settings anywhere in CPANEL.  What settings do I use for my GoDaddy account to send email from my GoDaddy hosted Wordpress site? 


Note: I have a GoDaddy email account that I no longer use.  I assume I can use that form SMTP.


My enterprise email goes through Microsoft Office 365 (not bought from GoDaddy).  I have no desire to send from my wordpress form to Microsoft's hosted exchange services. 


Hi @CaptainNick,

This article should help you out. 

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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