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Unable to create a bussiness email account - (not a Office 365 email account).

I have a web hosting Ultimate with Windows Plesk, with unlimited email address, but everytime I try to add a new email account, the website give me the option to buy more business email accounts or a Microsoft Office 365 email account instead.

I'm using the spanish interface, in the web domain, in case of that change the structure of the website.

Even in the product list page there's no email product listed, on which I've could click in order to create email accounts.

Plesk doesn't have any email setup option neither.

The online help don't give more options to email account creation process.

So, having a "Hosting Web Ultimate with Windows Plesk" plan... how can I create an GoDaddy business email account? (not a Office 365 email account).

This is the help page I've been using as a reference:

Thanks in advance.

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Hmmmmm, wondering what you have in your Additional Products @silvia1982? Occasionally products you haven't activated or setup yet will hide there. Let me know if you see it there? 


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