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When can we expect Roundcube on Godaddy to have Elastic Skin Available ?

Currently Roundcube on godaddy cpanel only offers Classic and Larry Skin/Theme for the user interface whereas the new Elastic Theme is much better has a modern design and more usable. Would had been great if it was available on godaddy cpanel as well like other hosts.



Author: Aleksander Machniak

Released with Roundcube version 1.4.0, Elastic is Roundcube's the first official responsive skin. It has support for desktops, tablets and phones.


sadly we have to wait for the next year, i have asked about this before and it can't be done without godaddy update Cpanel version to 88 or higher which they only update to LTS version in March/April so we have to wait
you could check my previous post about it

rafaat ashour