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Workspace E-Mail - Multi-Factor Authentication

I am still happily using the GoDaddy Workspace E-Mail Product. I have been using it for years and the service has been excellent. I am however interested in having the ability to enable Mutli-Factor authentication for my e-mail accounts when logging in via the WebMail Portal. Is this possible?


I know that I can secure my GoDaddy account as a whole with Multi-Factor authentication. But, given that so many vendors, sites, and services utilize an e-mail address as a user id and or means to reset passwords, I want to be able to secure each e-mail account I create with multi-factor authentication.


FYI: The GoDaddy Web portal I am referring to is:


Please advise and thanks in advance for any help.

Community Manager

Hey @Gambit. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy community!


That's sounds like a great idea to me! It's not something that is available currently, but I will make sure to pass on your feedback on this. We're always looking for ways to improve, so we really appreciate this.


If anyone else in the community has a clever way to secure a login that doesn't use multi-factor authentication, it would be great to see suggestions here!


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give likes.

Has there been any word on when or if Two-Factor authentication will be available for the GoDaddy Workspace Mail portal? i.e.

Jessie, Please add my request for multi factor authentication.  It is time to get it done.


Thank You,


Bob Robinson




I'm waiting for 2FA email as well!


This is a requirement for us by end of 2017 and if not provided we have to switch email provider.


Please get this done as we like the service, thanks.

GoDaddy, please provide an update on this. I have moved to 2FA authentication on all of my other accounts and GoDaddy is my only remaining service provider that doesn't have 2FA. This is going to be an issue at renewal time and like others have mentioned, this is way overdue. 2FA not being implemented yet makes me question how seriously security is taken throughout GoDaddy and particularly on the back end where my products are hosted... Thanks.

Godaddy support, I have requested this feature be implemented several times over the last year. If you do not have the technical resources there are many third party apps and services that could be utilized until godaddy can figure it out on their own. It's long overdue - even free email services offer this security feature these days. Can't understand how this still isn't available to paying customers.

With the recent Equifax data breach, TFA has become critical. Please tell me you have this implemented by now.


I echo what everyone else has said. It's September 2017. Every email provider worth a **bleep** offers 2 factor/multifactor authentication for email nowadays. 


Since just about every service uses email via forgotten password as a fallback, email is the linchpin in a person's online security stack. It absolutely must have multifactor.


We've been Godaddy email users for years, but that will stop this month if we don't get a firm ETA on when this much-needed feature will be added. 


Please, Godaddy. A Google G Suite Basic Gmail account is only $60/year now with 30GB of storage and robust 2-factor, among many, many other advantages. Inconvenience is the only reason we haven't switched already, but there comes a point where not even an inconvenience will keep someone from doing what's so obviously much more secure. 



Agreed, 2 factor authentication for email makes total sense!


Can we expect to see it in in the new year?

Add this guys, its 2018. 

Same. They do offer and are pushing 365 from Microsoft.

Don't hold your breath on this. Every time you express concern over security of your email account, they'd try to sell you something instead of helping you.


My Godaddy email account was recently hacked and the technicians couldn't tell me exactly what happened other than saying that I should pay extra to have my email account migrated to a new server at higher cost.


Godaddy tech support are more like sales people. One time, one of my websites was attacked and I needed to have a malicious code removed. Godaddy said it would cost me $400 plus for them to do it. I did some research online and was able to delete the malicious code without much hassle. 


If you want robust email service, look into Google's G Suite.