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Workspace to Microsoft 365 = No Email for 3 Weeks

I received several emails regarding the transition from Workspace to Microsoft 365 and how:

"There's nothing you need to do since we'll handle the transition for you".

Well these emails failed to inform me that this transition would mean I would not receive emails for three weeks.

I use GoDaddy for my business emails and as if 2020 wasn't difficult enough for us sole proprietors already, this transition has all but put the final death blow to my 15 year endeavor because I was not aware that I was not receiving emails from my customers.

My last received email was on December 21st of 2020 and my full transition to Microsoft 365 is scheduled for Jan 7th, 2021.  During this time (about 3 weeks), I'm not receiving any emails and this is not acceptable.

I have four desktop PC's with Office 2013 and Outlook 2013 client software and I do not use webmail such as Workspace.  All four of these PC's stopped receiving email at the same time (December 21st).  After two weeks with zero emails coming in, I called GoDaddy and the smug person said I needed to call Microsoft for my problem because he claimed nothing had changed on the GoDaddy side of things.

I called back and talked a nice person that explained that I needed to change the following:

Incoming POP: (OLD) (NEW: Via phone call with GoDaddy Jan 1st, 2021)

Out SMPT: (OLD) (NEW: Via phone call with GoDaddy Jan 1st, 2021)

Well this did nothing to help so after another few days I called again and was informed that my full transition to Microsoft 365 would be complete by Jan 8th and that after that, my Outlook clients would work again, and that I would not have to change anything in my Outlook account settings such as the incoming POP or outgoing SMPT servers.  Time will tell but this has really been a complete failure on GoDaddy's part and I don't see me continuing to use them in the future.

I'm also not happy in general with the move to Microsoft 365.  One of the main selling points for me to use GoDaddy was that they were not Microsoft.