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email hack extortion

Received an email demanding Bitcoin as extortion.  They claim to have video of me visiting nefarious web sites. etc.  Email came from my email account.  I've changed my email passwords. what do you all suggest next?

Super User III
Super User III

Re: email hack extortion

Hey there @RVGUY,


Change ALL of you account passwords including your account password, just to be safe.


There's a good chance you may have a malware infection on your server as well. I would also run some scans to determine if you're compromised.


Hope that helps!

Best Regards,


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Re: email hack extortion

I've also received a similar extortion email to my Godaddy webmail account. I've changed my password but where can I report this to Godaddy?  I checked out the Abuse Report Form but it doesn't have the extortion option included.


Thanks for any help.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: email hack extortion

Hey Everyone. Thanks for taking the time to participate. I just wanted to clarify that for the most part, emails like those discussed above don't need to be sent from within your email account. Most of the time, these are spoofed email messages. This doesn't reflect an issue with the GoDaddy email system or its security, but rather with email in general. For more on the subject of spoofing, take a look at this thread. It's a bit long but it may help.


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