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    How my godaddy domain Modelworksdirect competes with 61.2K backlinks from 54 domains

    I have been a Godaddy customers for many years now. I am a business owner, blogger and former architect turned Model Fabricator.  My Topic has to do with SEO with respect to being competitive in the world wide Web.  No matter how beautiful your products are or how many hours you spend on the design of your website; what matters most is the SEO position and the quality of your content. If your website shows up on the 7th page of a search, you will never be found.  Despite all my efforts I am only in position 10 (Page 1-2) in Google and other Browsers.  The top producing site  has over 61,000 backlinks from 54 domains.  while my humble custom aircraft models website only has 300 Backlinks. I have spent many months working on my on-page analysis and off-page SEO. Here are just a few of the key strategies that I have deployed. 


    • Created social media accounts on every platform that relate my site back to my website. These include Twitter, Instagram, Tumbler, Youtube, Pinterest, Facebook, Blogger, Google Business and many others
    • I have also create online stores on Amazon Handmade, Ebay Store, Etsy, Ecwid and even used Godaddy online Store solution. .  I will expand into Shopify next just to be competitive.
    • Also submitted my site to online niche directories that pertain to Custom Models.  General Directories that have Traffic Flow (TF) have also been submitted to for backlinks. 
    • Optimizing the keywords which are pertinent in your niche requires some special Tools.  Having a basic understanding of the competitive nature of your niche is important.  Provided below is a list of keywords followed by the volume of hits.  The last number is the Competition ratio. Targeting less competitive keywords can allow you to beat SEO giants. 


    airplane models







    large scale planes54000.160.03
    model airplane kits44000.521
    aircraft models29000.650.99
    skymarks models19000.260.58
    aircraft model store16000.250.33
    model airplanes for sale13000.581
    the airplane shop13000.130.24
    flying model airplanes10000.450.99
    flying model airplanes10000.450.99
    balsa wood models10000.31
    airline models8800.680.88
    airliner models8800.680.88
    wooden aircraft models7200.811
    wooden airplane model kits4800.511


    • Submitted to forums on Samsung, Apple, Harvard and recognized forums to deliberately write good content and spread my keywords across the web. 
    • Also submitted to Niche forums related to Custom Aircraft Models, Ship models, Car models and just about any type of Custom Models. 

    What allows my website to complete with the Giant SEO machines that hire an army of SEO bloggers  is the content i provide and the quality of my products.  In the last Google Search Engine Sweep, thousands of high producing site were brought to their knees when Google changed their Algorithm.  When a sites position goes from the top position and hits rock bottom, it means the number of people accessing their website will dramatically decrease and result in a "lost of sales". 


    Quality Content and Producing quality product is very critical in being able to survive with the "Giant SEO Machines".   Its ironic that the #1 website in my niche does not even fabricate their own models. They buy them from another company.  While our models are handmade at our Factory. In fact, the business Custom Built Models is owned and operated by an Architect  and Master Fabricator.  Compared this with the other company who only buys their custom models BUT has the #1 POSITION !!!


    The competition has 61,000 backlinks in order to secure the #1 listed company for the keywords "Custom Aircraft Models" versus Modelworks 300+ backlinks, one could say that content has a lot to do with this scenario.  In order to provide a complete perspective on this topic, I must provide some samples of the hand made products that the #10 position company on google fabricates with their bare hands.   These models take 3 months to produce and cannot be purchased in any store. 


    The make, model, paint and details are specified by each customer. For example, a customer buying a car model can even specify the tires, wheels, steering wheels and the type of Car interior they desire.  In a world of mass produced products, Modelworks still fabricates its products the "good old fashion way."



    IMG_8661.JPG3models.pngContent for the website is constantly being updated and built upon by targeting keywords with anchor text that are less competitive.  If you look at the chart above. you will notice the Keyword "Large Scale Planes" has a competitive factor of only ".03" or 3 percent. Compare this with other keywords that have a 100% competition factor.  Why complete with hundreds of other businesses for a certain keyword when you can update all your content and target the topic that many are ignoring.  This is yet another strategy in getting a upper hand. 


    I hope I did not confuse anybody trying to explain how godaddy domain modelworksdirect.com competes with large SEO Driven websites.  The key is to stay focused and continue to grow your market and SEO one segment at a time. Focus on Quality and target the niche markets that other businesses are ignoring.  I welcome any and all to join this discussion.  


    Herman Bongco

    Custom Built Models


    Herman Bongco
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    Re: How my godaddy domain Modelworksdirect competes with 61.2K backlinks from 54 domains

    Hi @modelworks!
    Really good discussion that you put forth. Obviously, you put a lot of work into your search engine optimization. If someone were just starting out what would be your recommendation as the first step in getting nationally recognized?

    Good discussion,

    Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites

    Re: How my godaddy domain Modelworksdirect competes with 61.2K backlinks from 54 domains

    Thanks Herman @modelworks for the good advice. I also find that when just starting out it helps to incorporate some keywords related to your local region, even if you have global product you may find some looking locally with less competition.




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    Mayda Sanchez
    Unlimited Media