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Escape Games Go Digital - The Digital Dive of a Small Business

Hi, everyone! We are The Clue Room Escape Game Company, located in Centennial, Colorado. As a new member of this awesome community, we wanted to share a bit about our business but especially our new venture: Digital Stay-at-Home Escape Games! We are Colorado's First and Largest Escape Game company founded in 2014. We are a family owned and operated small business. We have a total of 10 physical, live escape games that have catered to all ages, generations, and communities through team-builders, birthdays, family outings, reunions, bachelorette and bachelor parties, wedding celebrations, and just a fun activity with family, friends, and coworkers. Due to recent events, we have created two (soon three) Digital Escape Games where groups of up to 6 can play together in a fun escape game adventure online in the same or separate households. It has been a great way to bring the fun of The Clue Room into everyone's homes and help connect families and friends that may be separated at this time. We've had groups play from around the world. From Indiana to Australia, London to Colorado mountain towns, our digital escape games have brought fun and adventure in these strange times. Our current themes are: Operation Shield and Sword where as our top analysts, participants must save the world from a nefarious spy organization. Our other theme is great for all ages, but especially families with younger kiddos, Alice's Whimsical Wonderland where players must help Alice navigate and escape Wonderland before it's 'Off with her head!' Our digital escape games are all ages, multi-generation, family-friendly. They're perfect for team-building, celebrating birthdays, and all special events at the comfort of your homes while we stay home. Help support local small business! Check out our digital escape games: Play where you stay!

Learn more on our website:

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That is quite the pivot in business model @theclueroom, good on your company for taking the initiative and making that turn. I love a good escape room and often find myself in Denver and Aurora, I might have to stop through when I am next out in that area.


Great job on the website and that promo video. I have no idea what a digital escape room is and your video doesn't exactly show but it looks intriguing? Welcome to the Community. Good luck on your venture!


...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

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Thank you! We hope to host you soon! Since we were able to re-open our physical location with increased health and safety measures, and decreased capacity. Otherwise, we hope you take a moment to try our Digital Escape Games where up to 6 players can participate in the online based escape game in the same or separate households. Thank you for the kind welcome! We appreciate the support!


@theclueroom, welcome to the community! I am so excited for you guys in this new business model! I love to see small businesses like yours, that are using this time to think out of the box and come up with new ideas. I know that times are really tough for most businesses right now. However, I do believe being forced out of our comfort zone has given us the ability to think of things we never would have thought of before. Keep up the great work and keep us posted!

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Thank you! You are correct, while the circumstances aren't ideal it has allowed us to focus more on our Digital Escape Games that we have been developing since August of last year. We appreciate the support and hope you check out our Digital Escape Games! Thank you again!

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Thanks for posting @theclueroom and welcome to the Community! Escape rooms are one of my favorite things! Any chance you can share how you changed things up to make your experiences digital? Would love to hear more!


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@JesseW, thank you for creating this Community board! We have been working on our Digital Escape Games since of August 2019. We were approached by the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), a high school club that specializes in business training and competition, to once again host a mobile escape game as a fun activity between their competitive events. We agreed to donate our time and game to provide a unique Clue Room experience for the students. For this event, we knew we would need to be prepared to host potentially up to 600 students, the attendance for the event, within one hour. In an effort to make the set-up, running of the game, and tear down easier (and to save some trees) we decided to make the game completely digital and online based so it could be played anywhere without the worry of having to download any part of the game. We needed a mobile escape game that was scalable to any number of students, since we would not know how many would participate until the day came. We successfully ran our first digital game, Operation Shield and Sword, with 120 FBLA students in February for that event and would use it again for another school in March. Shortly after in March the spread of COVID drastically increased, forcing many businesses, ourselves included, to temporarily close our doors. We were very thankful that we had already developed the digital game, and with the help of our incredible IT personal we were able to modify the accessibility of the game so customers could purchase and play the digital game anywhere, anytime, all around the globe. In the weeks following we released a second game, Alice's Whimsical Wonderland. Although, we were to reopen our doors this past Saturday, we understand many of customers will not feel comfortable coming back in despite requiring masks, sanitizing the rooms before customers play, and limiting capacity (only allowing one group on the hour and one on the half hour). Therefore, we will continuing creating and offering Digital Escape Games because it is a fun way for customers to enjoy the fun of The Clue Room in the comfort of their homes.  

@theclueroom Glad you're finding the OpenWeStand board useful! If you haven't, check out too. Some helpful offers for small business owners from multiple companies can be found there. 


That is super cool! I may have to give it a go with my friends/family. One thing I would suggest (completely as a consumer) is a little more clarity on exactly what to expect in your digital experiences. Your promo video does a good job of capturing the monotony of quarantine and explaining how to get into the experience, but I was left wondering what I'd actually be doing. I know it's super tricky because you don't want to give anything away, but maybe even some screenshots of what people will see would be helpful. Just my 2¢ 😁


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