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Music Is The Answer

Sometimes listening to a good Spotify playlist helps calm the nerves and take a lot off of your mind. I know that were all concerned about what's going on so I created this awesone pop playlist on Spotify just to listen to and keep your mind in a happy and joyous place. Just click the follow button so you can be updated with some really awesome indy artists weekly. Link or copy and paste
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Thanks for sharing! I've also seen quite a few folks (including well known musicians like John Legend) doing live mini concerts online. Coming together is the way we all get through this!

Exactly .. Hope you were able to listen and enjoy

Thanks so much for this @realhotrecordz ! My colleagues and I play music in the background of our "Zoom hangout sessions", so this will be a great way to mix it up!

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Thank you hope you enjoy 👍🏽

Great playlist @realhotrecordz!! Music is great, this playlist took me away for a bit! I appreciate it, thanks for sharing!

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Your very welcome .. 👍🏽👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽

Music is the answer.  It is free on your local FM radio station and you don't even have to take your time to make a playlist.  The stations hire professionals to put together the best of music available.  Did I say FREE?  Not to mention the weather, local news and information about your local community.  FREE!

MadDogMurphy..First this is a forum of business and making music and playlists are my business. This thread was created by me for music listeners who no longer listen to the radio but would rather listen to their favorite streaming platform. Please create your own thread and share your thoughts there if you are opposed to others and their business. If you are not up to date on technology let me enlighten you. Streaming music is where its at most radio stations are on line because no one rarely listens to the radio. And might I add that more radio stations and labels are making playlists of what there playing on there radio stations. So please do your research before you make any comments on this thread.

@MadDogMurphy @realhotrecordz Thank you both for your contributions. It seems like there's a bit of confusion here, so I'd like to try to iron things out. First, just so you're aware @MadDogMurphy, Spotify can be listened to for free with ads (very much like a radio station). You do have to sign up for a Spotify account, but that is also free. Second, I as a reminder to all, the intention of this forum is to bring people together to share ideas and have helpful discussions. Please remember to be kind to one another and to "propose" rather than "oppose". Thanks! 


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Thanks @JesseW for clearing that up. Have an awesome day 👍🏼


Thanks for sharing your playlist. However, I'm curious to know what is so special about Spotify? How much of an impact does it have on underground artists who depend on their music to build a fanbase and provide income for their families? I've heard a lot of music artists are not able to make a living from using platforms like these. And during these economic hard times, I think artists should get the earnings and rewards they deserve. In my opinion, giving away music free does not help artists pay their bills. If you know any artists looking to earn income from their music they should visit 

Thanks for your comment and I truly understand where your coming from. Spotify is a platform that does pay artists for there streaming content it may not pay the bills but it does pay depending on how much streaming listeners listen in to your content. There are some companies that help market artists at a reasonable price such as fiverr that assists with helping artists maintain there streaming. Several facebook groups also assist with helping artists as well. I also promote my music around these playlist and it helps with streaming and earning money. Once again it does not pay the bills but it does help depending on your level of marketing, promotion, and how popular your are on the internet. Here is some info on how playlist can help make money.

Yes - you can make money from making Spotify playlists - in fact there's a growing market for playlists curators from end users - think restaurants and businesses with physical locations and from the music business side - think labels and indeed the streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music etc) themselves. Here is a link regarding the statement
Keep in mind as well that playlist curators are like record labels and they are very critical about choosing music for their playlist. If your music is hot you can grow very quickly while earning money not only on Spotify but other platforms as well.

Thanks for sharing. However, you mentioned, " Spotify is a platform that
does pay artists for there streaming content it may not pay the bills".
Question: How do you think Spotify pays their bills? How much of a
percentage do you think they are giving out to artists as opposed to the
artist receiving it from a company that's worth 8 billion dollars? So you
are promoting your material with a company that's making billions of
dollars from artists and the artists still can't pay their bills? Where is
the partnership? If you are an underground artist, what are your chances of
building a new fan base against major label artists that are spending
millions on Spotify to market and promote their music? Just like Spotify,
Apple, and other major companies, your music does not have to be " Hot" you
just have to pay to play sir. Here is a link regarding how an artist can
create a real business selling and earning income from the comfort of their
home with a startup company called that will partner to
help them accumulate sales and achieve their goals. Which means - getting
their bills paid... 🙂


@realthotrecordz - Thanks for the reply, although it does not specifically
answer my question which was, "What makes Spotify so special?" Based on
your comment, "Yes - you can make money from making Spotify playlists".
However, I'm not sure how much money an underground artist is making from
using these types of platforms if they are still not able to pay their
bills? Hopefully, someone else can chime in on our conversation to help
assist. In the meantime, the future is evolving around a self-sufficient
economy where companies and people must come together and work as partners
to compete in this globally competitive business world. FutureStarr is the
marketplace that will help incorporate the new vision. You can learn more
about FutureStarr here:

@FutureStarrFan Thanks but I'll pass I'm not interested in your services or what your selling. It appears that your idea for an artist to make money is clearly opinionated. Everyone sees making money differently in this business. My topic is about my playlist not about artists and how they can make money. Artists who are on that platform are by choice they choose to be on thst platform by there own free will. If thats the platform they choose to make money on so be it. If you are opposed to Spotify that's your business. But one thing I will not do is engage in a conversation over why artists are or are not making money on any platform. Honestly after checking your content it isn't something that I can see making money on either. That's my opinion maybe someone else will feel differently about that.

Interesting tracks @realhotrecordz. I'm an avid guitar player myself, and even composed a few originals using the Fruity Loops software not too long ago.

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