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What changes have you applied to your business during the Covid-19?

As a small business owner we need to take leadership during this worldwide crisis. Fear makes you take action but can also paralyze you.

As a leader are you fueling, planning and preparing yourself or panicking? You should ask yourself what can be done during this time to only survive but thrive. Necessity is the mother of invention.

In the 21st century, we now have all the tools necessary to run businesses digitally. 

What struggles are you experiencing? We are here to share our tips and tricks during these uncertain times.

Advocate I

As a web development & design freelancer, I already work from home so the logistics of my work haven't changed. The work itself has changed slightly, yet has been business as usual this week - I don't expect that to continue into the coming weeks.


The changes to my business I have made are:

  • Made more effort to get the message out there that advice and talking to me about your website and business is completely free, impartial and non-obligatory.
  • Introduced a 20% discounts on all rates and quotes and more flexible pay options for clients.
  • I'm using my work machine to contribute to scientific research on Covid-19 via Folding at home - software that lends your PC resources to scientists who need more computing power to complete complex calculations! (Here's a link if anyone is interested in doing the same:
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Community Team

Hi @polymathmom and @Devetecho great advice!


One thing I have always encouraged people to utilize given my role at GoDaddy is all about social media is making sure you are engaging with your customers and potential customers via social media channels! Now more than ever people are scrolling on their phones and looking to social media for information.


If you weren't already using social media - start! If you were already using it - formulate a plan to increase your posts, messaging and content. BUT - you can't just post - it needs to have purpose. Some tips:


  • Pick 1-2 social media platforms that give you the best traction and interaction and focus on them (Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pintrest, Facebook, etc). For me personally - my audience is strong on Facebook but not so much on Twitter so I focus my energy on posts optimized for the Facebook platform.
  • Pick 3-5 topics and be consistent in sharing your messaging around these topics. People come back if they know they will be seeing the same topic that drew them to you in the first place. For me: Family, working out/meal prep and cats are going to be what you see.
  • Give calls to action. Pose a question, request a picture, give people a reason to engage and respond.

Hope that helps and I'm looking forward to hearing other tips. 



Mel VK - GoDaddy | Social Care Manager | 24/7 support available at | Looking for ways to be of service to others.

It's really a very difficult times to get new clients for website designing and development

Very difficult to get new clients for website designing and development

"Necessity is the mother of invention". I LOVE this! I believe the BEST ideas come from necessity. I have seen a lot of businesses who were not deemed "necessary", start doing classes online. They are finding creative ways to connect with their customers.This is a difficult time for everyone but if we can help each other, support each other and grow together, we will come out of this better than before.

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