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ERR_CERT_REVOKED - managed wordpress hosting subscription

Hi folks

I am signed up under the managed wordpress hosting subscription and had revoked my ssl certification for now. Typing out "" on my browser would yield the non secure http:// website. However when I tried to access my wp-admin link, the website is still trying to connect with an ssl certificate that no longer exist, hence displaying the ERR_CERT_REVOKED notification. Because of that, I was not able to access the dashboard of my Wordpress site.

Any idea how to fix this?

Community Team
Community Team

It's possible that the IP address being used for the domain's A record is still trying to connect to the dedicated IP used with the SSL, or it may have still been propagating the update to the correct IP.  If you're still unable to access, please contact our live support teams so we can confirm the correct IP address to use without an SSL on the site.  Thanks.