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Hybrid Migration (exchage 2016 - Office 365)

Hello, I'm following for the second time a hybrid migration from exchange 2016 to office 365.
Like the first time I stop for this error.
450 4.4.317 Cannot connect to remote server [Message = 451 4.4.0 TLS negotiation failed with error SocketError] [LastAttemptedServerName =] [LastAttemptedIP = xx.xx.xx.xx: 25] [xxxxxxx.eop-]
Reading I find a person who says he has solved this


I was able to fix the problem it was actually facing due to the existing certificate used in Exchange which was SHA-1 Algorithm Root Cert. I requested the certification authority to reissue the same certificate with the SHA-2 root certificate. I imported that certificate into my Exchange server. Deleted the existing connectors on Office 365, along with the on-premises Exchange Send connector, and removed the values for tlscertificatename and the tlsdomaincapabilities attribute from the Exchange Receive connector. He ran the HCW again and selected the new certificate and it worked.


if i check my certificate i read this:

domain name
Certificate Issuer GoDaddy SHA-2

This means my certificate is already sha2, right?


Someone had similar problems ??
A suggestion ?
Carlo Patrizio Falco