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SSL Delux OV - Verification process taking longtime

Hello All,


I purchased the SSL Delux Certification from GoDaddy, but the verification process is taking a long time and not yet done by them.

When I talked with support agent first time told, it will take up to 72 hours for the manual verification process. So, I waited for 5 days, but it has not yet processed by them.


Only when I called, they told me that the photo in the Diving License copy is not clear, so I submitted my Passport copy with the clear photo. So what I felt that after calling them after 5 days they at least tried to look in the Documents uploaded when I call, not even they call me or put an email regarding that the photo is not clear.


Again, the agent is saying that now, that I have submitted the passport copy just yesterday it will take another 72 hours to verify. What the HELL is happening. Also, he said it will take another 20 days to issue your certificate. Now, this is like killing me. While purchasing the certificate, it has not mentioned anywhere in the GoDaddy site, that the verification of DELUX OV will take 20 days to do the verification process or issue the certificate.  IT IS LIKE CHEATING PEOPLE. I am understanding there might be people in the queue or it might be the manual process to verify the document.


Another issue I faced during this time was I had to wait up to 40mins in the call by hearing the product advertisement repeatedly. After that, the agent told they will call me back immediately in 20 - 30 mins and issue the certificate then itself. The call time was at midnight at 12:30 am. I waited 2 hours without sleeping. I really understood what I felt then. Even in till noon they didn't call me I called then from my side.  Then I told the agent to refund me the fund it is not possible for them to process, he told, sure he will do the refund immediately. OH....What is this Mr. GoDaddy???




Sorry, I don't know how to share my feeling or frustration in another way.


I really love your products, but the agents have no Idea on what they should do. Please try to do something to improve the process. At least it could be better to mention regarding how much time will take for the verification process, when we are going to purchase SSL Certificates, with different types. Then all will be clear and not any frustrations will come up, all the people will be happy with your products and support.


Also, please automate the process of sending OTP after caller gives the pin verification, I felt some of the agents are not pushing the OTP, the agents keep people to wait for the OTP without pushing it and says there is some technical issue. What I really felt is they push OTP, when the agents realize that the conversation is going to end, then I get the OTP after the call ends.  So, people do not explain the issue before they verify the customer identity,





Super User II

Hey there @Harirv!


I know the process can be frustrating but any time you make a change in the process of verification for an SSL, it can take up to 72-hours for it to implement. If they are verifying credentials in order to implement a Deluxe SSL, that process can be arduous as they have to confirm the information for the business before they fully implement it. 


It absolutely can be a frustrating experience but once it's done, it's done. You just renew the SSL after that.

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