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SSL Failures - 525 etc.

First - somebody needs to fix this input box to move the bloody cursor when the spacebar is pressed. 

Second - My builder website started getting flagged by CloudFlare for 525 errors. Went rounds with them as it seemed only certain datacenters were impacted. Eventually they provided the evidence to convince me it was a host problem. So I called in and got a very combative help desk agent, and in typical GoDaddy fashion refused to accept responsibility for anything. So I disabled the CloudFlare enhancements. Browsers now load the page fine. BUT the website is still throwing 525 errors to Google search bots. Unlike a web browser, bots don't keep re trying until it works. They flag the failure and move on .  I will give GD a little slack as most of the people posting have insufficient knowledge to be managing a website in the first place. However, that should not negatively impact the experience for educated users who are having real problems.   You see cloudflare mentioned a lot when searching 525 errors. This is because they present these errors in a clear to understand form that everybody get's to see.  When you are using any thing else only admins see these errors when they  get emails from Google Search Console or bother to inspect their web server logs.  A browser will always fail back to a format the will load , unless being presented with an alternative which is what CloudFlare does.  


When can we expect the SSL Failures at GD to cease? 


Hello @jazzy112 and thank you for being a part of the Community!


I am sorry you are experiencing this issue and your feedback has been noted. To help further assist, can you please share your domain name to help check the SSL configuration of your domain? According to Stack Overflow and Cloudfare Community, a 525 error could be the result of three different reasons but most likely the SSL is not installed properly on the server.

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My domain is, and it is   what the help desk agent referred to as "Easy Build".  I could of built it from scratch but chose not to as a time saving measure. Anyway, it makes sense that the builder sites would already have some of the CDN and DDOS protection in place, so I disabled the Cloudflare Proxy. But I use Cloudflare for other things so moving DNS back to GoDaddy is not an option.  


Anyway running   curl  from a linux terminal still throws  SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL errors about 33% of the time .   An nslookup of the domain verify's the resultant IP is indeed  owned by GoDaddy, so I know for a fact that  the proxy is bypassed.  My  A record is pointed to, although I just ran traceroutes to both east ( and west  ( and discovered serious problems with east so I'll change  my record to go to West instead .  I'll see if that helps once it's propogated .  By serious I mean that the traceroute black holes after (  . The traceroute finally stopped at 30 hops with no responses after eqix. 

Hello again @jazzy112!


I tested your SSL using and received the same error. You are able to use Cloudflare with W+M builder, as long as the IP address matches. I am going to be forwarding this thread appropriately to further assist. I appreciate your patience and time while assisting with this issue.

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After pointing my A record to the West Coast IP, all is well .  You need to fix that East Coast Problem. What's worse is your system status page clearly isn't tied to monitoring tools that actually work.  Before changing to West Coast I couldn't even get google to audit the site, now I can.    


Now if there was a way to remove all of that unnecessary bloat of unused code from my page. I know I have to build it from scratch to get performance up, but at least it's working properly now. 


From where I am at, it appears Zayo is having intermittent routing issues as well and they connect to both East and West datacenters  so you should probably get them to fix whatever that problem is.  I thought it was just firewalls, until 1 out of the three traceroute pings came back for one of the hops. 

Well, although better on the west coast, issues prevail.  An examination by   shows that the intermittent handshake failures persist.  I am also still getting error reports from Google Search Console. Lighthouse is also still failing.  Again west   coast is better, but not good enough to keep Google happy.

SSL labs provides  a far better report , and does a  much more intense analysis.  

Hello again @jazzy112 !


I did pass this thread on appropriately and do not have a turn around time but thank you for providing a detailed update. 

GoDaddy Support is available 24/7!