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Two Hosts and Two SSLs - We currently have a Standard UCC SSL

I have a client with an Exchange Server.  We currently have a Standard UCC SSL Certificate (up to 10) for that.  It includes the following (client name removed):


Subject Alternative Names (SANs)


Upon further review of the Microsoft documentation, I think they only need the following for Exchange 2013 to work


The reason I state this is the client has a web site hosted on a different server.  So, I would like to create a SSL for that server using


I think the steps are

1. Confirm that removing and from the SSL purchased for Exchange will not impact Exchange operations.

2.  Remove and from the SSL.

3.  Revoke the SSL for Exchange.  

4.  Issue a reworked SSL for Exchange

5.  Purchase a second SSL with and for the web site

6.  Issue the SSL for the Web Site



1.  Is my understanding correct in that I can remove and from the SSL for Exchange and Exchange will still work?

2.  Are the steps laid out a reasonable approach?