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What are the requirements for the CSR when purchasing a multi-domain cert?

Does anyone know what the requirements are for the CSR when purchasing a multi-domain cert?  I'm curious if I need to generate it by hand with all the alternate names included, or if I'm able to just generate the CSR with one domain and GoDaddy adds the other names into the issued cert after performing the relevant validation?  I could only find a FAQ about adding additional domains, which made it sound like you just bump your domain count in the control panel, add a new one, and within a few hours you get a new cert with your old one expiring 72 hours from that point.  If that's the case, then I'm thinking the CSR doesn't need to have all the domains added, which would be preferable since one requires hand generation and the other doesn't.


Re: CSR for a multi-domain cert

Hi @whoibe, thanks for posting.

While there are ways to generate CSRs that include multiple domains, it's not necessary to include all of the additional domains in your CSR. After the initial SSL is issued, you can add additional domains to it as you mentioned.


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