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SMS Email address? - dedicated device email address / domain name for Smartline?

With carrier phone lines (vz, ATT), each phone number has a device specific email address (example: ( My SMS notification software iIuse to manage my datacenter requires I have my phone number in this format to receive SMS alerts. Does Godaddy have a dedicated device email address / domain name for Smartline??

Former Employee

Thanks for your question. We currently do not offer SMS to email notifications, we'll consider adding it in future.

I second that need.  I receive text messages from The UPS store when packages arrive and they use SMS email text to send the notifications.  This would be a great feature.

While this is still a desire for this product, I have found a work around using IFTTT, though this may not work for everyone else's circumstances. Please consider adding this as a function. It very much relates to business and business related notifications.