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SmartLine Support for eSim?

I signed up for a SmartLine trial subscription today. I am unable to make outbound calls. I get an error message that says "No cellular connection..." The problem appears to be because I am using the eSim as my primary cellular line with my iPhone XS Max on Verizon. I am not using the the physical Sim except when I travel outside the U.S., and then just for cellular data. SmartLine appears to only want to use the physical Sim in my iPhone. When I turned on the physical Sim (which is my secondary line), then SmartLine will make outbound calls. Is this correct -- that SmartLine will only work if a physical Sim is present?


Further experimenting on my part seems to indicate that for SmartLine to work I need (1) to have a physical Sim installed, and (2) the line with the physical Sim needs to be turned on even though I don't have a cellular plan on that line right now. Thank you.

Product Team
Product Team

Re: SmartLine Support for eSim?

Hello @Chillbill 


Thanks for reaching out to us.


Currently the SmartLine app is not compatible with eSim.  You'll need to use a physical sim with cellular service in order for SmartLine calls to work.  


Let us know if you have any additional questions.