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    Getting Started

    Managed Wordpress Hosting to VPS Hosting

    Hello. I have 2 Wordpress sites - a travel/photography blog and a sports blog. 


    Both these sites are hosted on:

    • Pro Managed Wordpress - with the following features, verbatim from my GoDaddy dashboard:
      • Websites: Up to 25
      • Monthly Visitors: Millions
      • Total Disk Space: Unlimited
        • Note: I bought this plan years ago and it is not being sold by GoDaddy anymore if you look at their website.

    Both these sites have the following GoDaddy products:

    • Standard SSL
    • Website Security Deluxe

    Their domain names were also bought from/registered with GoDaddy.


    Everything is fine so far. However, since both sites show a year-on-year trend of slow but steady growth,  I am:


    1. Interested in anyone's opinion on the pros & cons of remaining with my current hosting plan versus the pros & cons of transferring both sites to Godaddy's VPS Hosting (Linux/Economy/Managed).
    2. If ever I decide to transfer both sites to Godaddy's VPS Hosting (Linux/Economy/Managed), will GoDaddy perform the transfer? Will GoDaddy also take care of transferring the associated products - domain names, SSL certificates and Website Security Deluxe?

    Thank you.

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