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    Glitch in Craft Template

    There appears to be an odd glitch in the template, the Craft template. A dash or line appears for no reason. I wonder if the template code needs to be looked at?

    You can see the 'glitch' line on my site, under the portfolio section, right next to the text that reads:

    "The Balance between strategy & art -that's why i love my job"

    My site: https://mellowatts.com/


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    Re: Glitch in Craft Template

    Hi @Mellowatts,


    I believe the horizontal line next to the section title is a stylistic design element to add visual balance. I see that all the section titles have similar thin horizontal lines, however on this section the line is on one side only because it's half text/half image. I will check with our designers to see if this is a glitch or as designed.  Thank you for your patience.


    Rachel B.

    Re: Glitch in Craft Template

    Thanks @RachelB,

    I see on the mobile view it looks really nice!
    On the computer view it does still look a bit odd to me since it appears only on one side.
    But yes, you're right, I see now it is a design element.