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    I cant find the Button

    Hi , I  am creating a website with website builder but the template Menu is not giving me any option as the BUTTON . I really needed to add them to put some downloadable  word files that i donot want to add through the text links . Any help please? 



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    If I'm understanding, @Atulkapoor you can't add a button to link your .PDF (or other) files. Support can always help with a specific issue, but the answer may also be found in the sequence of steps contained here:




    Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
    24/7 support available at x.co/247support

    Hi , Thanks , but I already checked the link bfore I posted the question and couldnt get my answer .


    I understand that I can add through text box and link .


    But , I actually want to add a Button and then put in the stuff with it . The problem is , in my tool bar, I am unable to find the option that says BUTTON . is it something that i am overlooking ?  ...  or is it really something that's not available ? ...confused..hmmm 

    I purchased a website which I am supposed to enter information into.


    This is the most confusing thing I have ever done.  Now I am unable to get

    help because everyone at GoDaddy and you're 24/7 help for customers -

    is unavailable.


    I purchased this because of the "help" - only to find the free help is $50. for

    1/2 hour - once -