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    Manage my top menu


    My website: http://hvetjandi.net has blue underlines under the letters on the top menu. How can I get rid of those lines so my site looks like a site with a regular menu?

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    In your site.css file look for:


    a {
        color: #83b803;
        text-decoration: underline;

    and change it to:


    a {
        color: #83b803;
        text-decoration: none;

    HTH! Smiley Wink



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    I do not how to do it as I have not build my site using CSS but just build with WebsiteBuilder


    Hi @KallamigKalla

    When I access your site, I'm not seeing any blue lines that you referred to. Is this on your live site or edit mode only? Have you tried to duplicate using another browser? 

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    I had just before found out how to remove the lines and how to put the css code (above) to work. Everything is fine now.

    Best Regards,