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    Poor Performance on Website and Editor

    Hi all...not sure if this is an isolated issue -- I assume it probably isn't.

    I'm having loads of trouble with the editor this morning, and the issues are translating to the website itself.

    Images and thumbnails are failing to load, or are loading blurred out -- only the text is showing in many cases. Pages are loading very slowly. I also noticed while doing some editing that some things have been moved within my paragraphs, such as spaces added before commas, and even the addition of the letters "th" at the beginning of one paragraph.

    This has been ongoing for well over an hour, at least. I noticed it when I first started editing at about 9:00 with one image loading blurry. And it has just gotten worse from there. So, I guess this is really just a post to acknowledge that I'm having issues, too, in case anyone else is.

    ORO Woodworks
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    Re: Poor Performance on Website and Editor

    Try clearing your cache and using a different browser.  If these do not help contact support so it can be escalated to the proper department.