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    Storefront sells SOFTWARE DOWNLOADS

    So I paid the full year of Storefront Sales via GoCentral and setup my store -- that sells software programs that can be downloaded. Makes sense? No, not really, because I cannot download my software to customers that have paid their money.

    Okay, I need to obtain an SSL web presence somewhere else, so I can ask my customers to leave my store and go across the street to pick up their product. Make sense? No, not really, because even though "I" send them an email thanking them or their purchase -- I have no control over that email text, so I cannot explain that in addition to appreciating their purchase -- that they need to go to a website to collect their product.

    Okay, I need to monitor sales 24/7 waiting for a sale or the email message to me announcing the sale -- then copy down the email address of the customer -- so I can send them yet another message about going to the download website.

    Make sense? No, I do not think so. So, what am forgetting or what do I not know? I like GoCentral and I would love it even more if it met my needs.

    Do I quit? Do I start over somewhere else? Can someone help me? Can GoCentral actually provide a solution to this problem? I go on-line this month and am starting to rethink things.

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    Re: Storefront sells SOFTWARE DOWNLOADS

    BTW: "download a file" only works, if it is conjunction with a purchase.

    1. Fill-in user info

    2. Pay the money

    3. Agree to the End-User License Agreement (EULA)

    3. (then and only then) can you "download a file" [a zip file in my case]




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    Re: Storefront sells SOFTWARE DOWNLOADS



    Sounds like GoCentral doesn't meet your needs. While GoDaddy is constant improving and adding features they don't post a time-table to know when or what new features are in the pipeline.


    Since you are not live yet, investigate WordPress with WooCommerce.  You would then have total control over all the items you are frustrated about and that are out of your control with GC. Smiley Wink


    Talk to GoDaddy about getting managed WordPress Hosting.  WordPress comes installed,  and then you choose your theme (make sure it is Woo compatible), install WooCommerce and the plugins/extensions you want to meet your needs.


    HTH! Smiley Wink

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