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    Using Bookings Outside USA


    I am a new GoDaddy user in Australia.  I want to use the bookings/reminder functionality - exactly what I need. However, the current drop-down menus include USA states and area codes only.


    Does GoDaddy have any plans to extend this functionality to include Australian states and SMS providers. If so, when?


    Does anyone outside USA have an alternate solution?


    Could be a deal breaker for me continuing to use GoDaddy.

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    Helper I

    Hi there


    I am also from Australia too. And I am new here too. What kind of booking thinking of? Is it for an event or a private party? 



    Alex Lits

    Hi @thraki3171 Alex,

    Thanks for taking the trouble to respond and sharing these apps. I am wanting to integrate client booking of  appointments for professional services.


    My first preference is to use an integrated app within the GoDaddy web builder functionality. It is available in the USA and i thought it was included in my service.


    I would prefer not to have a separate app for customers to manage. I will more likely move to another service provider if GoDaddy does not offer this in Australia in the near future .