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    Website Builder Calendar

    Are there any other appearance options for the calendar? My business is a food truck, we make several stops in a day. I want each of these to show in the calendar but it would make much more sense to list too of the stops for Monday June 12 under a single "Monday June 12" heading. 


    My site's not live yet as I'm still getting my domain moved over to GoDaddy but will the addresses in the calendar events link to google maps on a mobile device?

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    Re: GoCentral Calendar



    The GoCentral calendar is importing/syncing from your other established calendar.  So how you enter on your 3rd party calendar will be reflected in your GoCentral Calendar page


    => Log on to your Google Gmail account, and then choose Calendar.
    => Choose My Calendars > Settings.

    => You'll see the lime-green ICAL button that will give you the calendar address to enter into GoCentral's calendar widget.


    As far a Google Maps, if you have an address on your Google Calendar -- the map links should also be imported. 


    HTH! 😉

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    Re: GoCentral Calendar

    I have the data importing just fine but as I said, the addresses are just text. My old google calendar was ugly but it was far more functional than this one.

    Re: GoCentral Calendar

    There is no option on there that states "my calendar" nor "Ical"


    Any ides as to where else to find this?




    Re: GoCentral Calendar

    Once you are in Settings, select the "Calendars" tab then your calendar name, then scroll down to the iCal options.  

    Re: GoCentral Calendar

    Trying to get a normal calendar to show up on my Go Central Webpage.

    It comes up now in date lines, not on an actual calendar.  Can that be changed?

    Re: GoCentral Calendar

    I have this same question! Am really hoping to find an answer.... If GoDaddy is reading this, this is functionality Go Central needs to have.


    Re: GoCentral Calendar

    I had the same issue.  GoCentral Business Plans do not support a normal calendar display.  You would need to use a different hosting, like WordPress, to get that function. With a lot of the Internet Browsing being done on small tablets and phones the Events Listing displays better than a full calendar display.


    Re: GoCentral Calendar

    To add normal calendar dislay:


    1. Add an HTML section to your webpage.

    2. In Google Calendar, select the gear icon (settings), select the calendar to embed, select "integrate calendar", copy the embed code, and paste it into the "Custom Code" of your HTML section.  About 600 pixels will show the entire calendar, but you'll want to experiment with that.

    Re: GoCentral Calendar

    Hi All


    Dose anyone know if this has been fix yet?





    Re: GoCentral Calendar

    Looking for an answer as well.  I don't use google calendar.  I use mac Calendar and can't figure out how to copy the HTML code to embed into my GoCentral website.  I'd like to see a regular calendar format, not the lines of text as events.


    Please advise if this is possible.

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    Community Manager

    Re: GoCentral Calendar

    Hi @trishtacsew,

    I hope you were able to figure out adding a calendar but if not, here's a Help article that can provide you with some info on setting up a calendar. Please let us know how things work out and come back to share with others who may be struggling with the same thing.