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    phpMyAdmin silently fails to import

    Hello, I am doing a WordPress migration from another hosting provider to GoDaddy web hosting (resource level 3).


    Previously in test I was able to fairly easily backup and restore my entire db and wp content to GoDaddy and with a few minor config changes in wp-config.php and the database I got it going without problem.


    However, now I am doing the production cutover and at the step where I import the db, the following happens:

    • select file to import (.sql.zip)
    • click 'go'
    • file uploads to 100% and then the status disappears (the import.php web page is still 'loading' at this point
    • A couple of minutes later the browser frame returns a white page -- normally this would return a green bar saying 2,000,000 rows successfully imported into db. At the very least it would display a red bar saying something like "script time out" or "failed to create table" etc.

    The database is 350Mb uncompressed and about 35Mb compressed. Even though it completed successfully before at this size, I have tried to split the backup/restore into 2 parts. One table alone is 100Mb so that was pretty simple. However the result is the same -- no error or success - just a white frame.


    Has anyone experienced this and has a workaround?



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    Hey Tim,


     In my experience it's due to the timeout settings of the shared phpMyAdmin panels.  I would try something like : https://www.siteground.com/kb/exportimport-mysql-database-via-ssh/ and see if you can import it this way.  Tends to be faster and not reliant on the timeout settings.


    Also - if you're importing into production that is live.  I would disable the index file so you're not trying to upload settings to the site and parts of the site are being accessed during the phpMyAdmin upload.


    Two Cents,