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Wordpress contact form not sending emails

I have a Wordpress site that uses the Genesis framework. The Wordpress form submits and captures the data in the Wordpress interface, but does not send the notification email. I'm up to date with Wordpress, Genesis and all plugins. I have also tried multiple email address for the notification and none work. Any suggestions?



Super User II



Make sure that your primary email address is your and address using your website domain in Settings > General > Email Address.


If that is in place and still no go, try this SMTP plugin to see if that resolves the issue for you.


HTH! 😉

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Hello there! 


If you call into support we can identify if there is a problem with the email filters catching it however there are many different reason why this could be failing. To try and narrow it down I would suggest trying to enable debug mode and then see if you get any detailed errors on screen or in a log file. 


Here are some instructions on how to enable debug mode in wordpress.

Mike L. | WebPro

Thank you both for your responses. I'll try debugging first, then I'll call in for assistance if needed. I'll save the plug in for my last ditch effort.


Again, thanks,


Note that GoDaddy doesn't like your server sending mail to a hosted mail address. 

You can see this best by sending test emails. Send one to an external address (like Gmail), and another test message to your own email address that's hosted on GoDaddy. 

Try changing your mail settings under CPanel for Email Routing to Remote Mail Server (even if it's a GoDaddy server).