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ZIP file corrupted by GoDaddy on FTP upload

For the past month or so, GoDaddy has been corrupting software updates that I keep on my website for my own customers.  See: 

5 MB.  I show the original ZIP file contents, upload it, retrieve it, and show that the EXE and DLL files are now missing from the ZIP.

There is another ZIP file in my downloads that was fine when I uploaded it but now downloads as an invalid ZIP: 

What's going on, guys? 

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While I know you are specifically asking about FTP I have some questions

1) Have you tried uploading via cPanel file manager to see if it will upload?

2) Have you tried uploading from the "local" side in FileZilla rather that drag and drop from windows explorer?

3) Are you using the latest version of FileZilla??

4) I see you are using FileZilla have you tried using CyberDuck??


I found which describes the exact issue you are having (with ZIP and PDF) - this is from 2011 - but again seems to be the same issue.

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Hi PL281, thank you for replying.

This does happen with cpanel file upload and from command line FTP. 

Unlike the Corrupted PDF and ZIP file link you sent, my ZIP files are not generally corrupted and unreadable, but internal files are missing from the ZIP.  So I do not think this is the same problem.

The one corrupted/unreadable file I mentioned went bad sometime after upload.  The day I uploaded it, it was ok. 

I reported the same problem from another angle here, with no replies:



It looks like the problem is specifically happening with propellent.exe and propellent.dll from  This new video: 

shows a 450KB ZIP file containing just those two files, being truncated to 22 bytes, at the moment when the upload bar goes from blue to green.  A different ZIP file containing a different EXE and DLL file is uploaded without change.

Not shown is a trial where I renamed the Parallax files.  The ZIP was still truncated.

Could this be misguided, out of control antivirus or malware "protection" running on the GoDaddy side?  I _do Not_ have that feature turned on in Domain Management.  But in early November, something changed _all_ my stored ZIP files containing executables.