my website is not working


my website is not working

my domain not working


please fix my new website


thanks a lot


Good Afternoon!


I would recommend calling in and talking to one of our Support Representatives and they should be able to take a look and find out why your website isn't working.

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Hi there, 


Our website is not working as well. What happened was we forward it to another domain and then removed the forwarding and expecting to see the old site again but it will now bring us to a blank page. 


This is our website - http:// (which is both a domain and website builder products)


The old website was built under Website Builder Version 6. Can you please advise why we saw a blank page instead of seeing the old WORKING website? Can anyone walk us through the process on how to fix it? Thank you very much!




I have purchased a domain and hosting and install wordpress wordpress installed successfully but my site not opening saying dns server not avalible

hi my website is not working and some 500 error is coming. Anybody can fix this problem.


Ive pointed my domain to my host and get this...


This site can’t be reached’s server DNS address could not be found.


Please help
ive used these serer name and pionted mt domain to them and still no joy

Long story short, tells me can't automatically point to DNS, to go to where it's registered (which is godaddy) and manually change. except I've done that, the A record points to the exact place it tells me to, AND STILL it's not working