Domain, DNS, and 404 issues

Can someone please help me? This is my second post the last one dissapeared. 


I have a domain and hosting with go daddy, I also have a domain I purchased from name cheap. Everything was working until I added the namecheap domain. Now no matter what I do nothing works, and I have no clue where the problem is. 

I called support and they told me to add nameservers in the namecheap settings, I did all this. The go daddy domain now forwards to the namecheap domain, but instead of just it sends me to I cannot log into wordpress admin. My website will not load I get ERR_Connection_reset or 404, or a message saying too many redirects. 

5 days and counting with no access to my website, namecheap wont help they say it's on the hosting end. Go daddy wont help as the domain is not with them. Is what I'm trying to do just not possible? Please help