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Prepare for your Website Design Services Essential handoff call

Congratulations on reaching the final stage of building your website. During your upcoming handoff call, you’ll work alongside a website specialist to make final adjustments and publish your site. While we’re happy to help, some changes aren't covered in this call.

Note: Want an expert to handle tasks not covered in your handoff call? Marketing Services can help with search engine optimization (SEO), website optimization, and website updates!

Covered in handoff call

  • Correcting spelling errors: We’ll correct any spelling errors identified during the review.
  • Swapping stock images: We can replace current stock images with new ones based on your preference.
  • Changing contact details: Need an email, phone number, or address changed? We’ve got you covered.
  • Adding or changing social media links: We’ll ensure your audience can connect with you across all your online platforms.
  • Adding or changing images (received before your website build): We can add or replace images that were submitted before the website build started.

Not covered in handoff call

  • Changing layout: Redesigning the layout of your website is not covered in this stage. Layout requests are submitted during the initial consultation.
  • Adding new images (after your website build): Images submitted after the website build started cannot be added at this stage.
  • Adding new content: Any additional content or assets submitted after the website build started cannot be added at this stage.

If you have questions, the website specialist is happy to address them during your upcoming handoff call.

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