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Add money to Good As Gold

Good As Gold lets you transfer funds directly between your bank account and ours, storing a balance for future purchases.

Required: If this is your very first transfer for Good as Gold, we require a minimum deposit of $100USD. After your first transfer, the minimum deposit is $5USD.

Where to wire funds

Beneficiary Bank Name: JPMorganChase Bank
Bank Address: 270 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017
Account Name:, LLC
Account Number: 580706823
Wire Routing Number: 021000021
ACH Routing Number: 124001545
Swift Code: CHASUS33

Required: You must include your customer number in the (Ref: CUSTOMER NUMBER) field. If your customer number is not included, the credit to your account will be delayed indefinitely.
  • For API Resellers, this customer number is the Parent Account Number displayed in your Reseller Control Center Dashboard.

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