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Attach a Single-Purpose Gift Certificate to products

You can configure products to use designated single-purpose gift certificates to offset 100% of the product’s price. Follow the steps below to setup a product to be purchasable by a gift certificate.

  1. Sign in to WordPress.
  2. Go to Products and select the product in question.
  3. In the Redemption gift certificates field, list the gift certificate template(s) that customers can use to buy this product.
  4. Click Update.


• Please be aware that when working with a single-purpose gift certificate, the gift certificate will offset the entire price of the redeemable product, regardless of the gift certificate product’s value. Be sure that your gift certificate product value matches the redemption product(s) value!
• We recommend ensuring that your single-purpose gift certificate uses the same tax class as the products it can be used on, since redeeming a single-purpose gift certificate will offset 100% of the product price, including tax.

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