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My free SSL certificate isn't activating

As a GoDaddy Websites + Marketing customer on any plan, you get a free SSL certificate for your website. This secures the connection between your website and visitors' browsers, and protects sensitive customer data. The certificate is automatically installed for you when you publish your website and is renewed annually.

Sometimes, the SSL certificate fails to activate. To fix this, simply republish your website. This will force the system to restart the SSL certificate installation process from the beginning, which should solve the problem.

After republishing, it takes up to 30 minutes for the SSL certificate to be activated. You’ll know it’s activated when you enter your website address in your browser’s address bar and the trust indicator icon shows (the icon will look different depending on your browser). Your address will also start with “https”.
SSL certificate activated

To read the security information, select the trust indicator.
SSL certificate activation information

If your SSL certificate is not activated, you’ll see a security warning in the address bar and the “s” will be missing from the end of “http” in your website address.

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