SSL Certificates Help

My SSL history status and actions

You can view your SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate history and see what changes have been made to your SSL certificate.

View your SSL's history

  1. Go to your GoDaddy product page.
  2. Select Manage All for SSL Certificates.
  3. Select your certificate.
  4. Select Certificate History to expand it and you will see your certificate’s history.

What does your SSL's history status and action mean?

Here are definitions for the statuses and actions you may see in your SSL history.

Certificate IssuedThe certificate has been issued and is currently active
RevokedThe certificate has been revoked
DeniedThe certificate request was denied
ExpiredThe certificate has exceeded its validity period and is expired

New RequestThis is a new purchase and first-time certificate request
Renewal RequestThe certificate was renewed
RevokeCertificate has been revoked
CancelCertificate has been canceled
Primary Domain ChangeChanging the Primary Domain
Sans ManageAdding or Removing SANs
RekeyRekeying the certificate
Hosting changeChanging the hosting plan for the certificate
Root changeChanging the Root certificate between the GoDaddy & Starfield Certificate Authority
Plan Change: Add DurationThe duration of the certificate has been extended (for example, changing from one year to two year)
Plan Change: Subtract DurationThe duration of the certificate has been reduced (for example, changing from two year to one year)
Plan Change: Add UCC SlotsThe number of SANs on a UCC were increased (for example, changing from five SANs to 10 SANs)
Plan Change: Subtract UCC SlotsThe number of SANs on a UCC were reduced (for example, changing from 10 SANs to five SANs)

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