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Resource limits

Your cPanel hosting has a maximum amount of resources it can use, ensuring that no single account impacts other customers' experiences.

Linux Hosting (cPanel)

Linux Hosting PlanEconomyDeluxeUltimateMaximum
CPU (Accessible cores)1122
Memory/RAM512 MB1 GB1.5 GB2 GB
I/O (KB/sec)110240500UnlimitedUnlimited
Entry processes
(Concurrent connections)
(Number of available processing units)
Files (inodes)250,000250,000250,000250,000
Disk space25 GB50 GB75 GB100 GB
Maximum email accounts100500UnlimitedUnlimited

1 This limit applies to plans purchased after May 2021.

Note: All Linux Hosting (cPanel) plans are restricted to 500 SMTP relays/hour and 30 concurrent MySQL connections.

Web Hosting Plus:

If you have Web Hosting Plus with cPanel, you have more resources for your websites and applications. Resource levels in Web Hosting Plus are based on your plan type.

Note: These resource limits apply to Web Hosting Plus plans purchased on or after February 1, 2022.

Web Hosting Plus PlanLaunchEnhanceGrowExpand
CPU (Accessible Cores)216 
Memory / RAM (GB)81632 
Disk Space (GB) 1100 200300400
Entry Processes100150200300
Concurrent Connections100150200300
Concurrent MySQL Connections (per user)200200200200
Disk Write (I/O kbps)50000600007000080000
Files (Inodes) 500,0001,000,0001,500,0002,000,000

1 Warning: For optimal performance and stability, always leave 20% of your maximum disk space available for overhead system software. Failure to do so could result in technical problems. You can upgrade at any time if you need more disk space.

Note: All Web Hosting Plus plans are restricted to 500 SMTP relays/hour and 200 concurrent MySQL connections.

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