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Upgrade my Gen 4 VPS server

If you're consistently reaching the resource limits (CPU, memory, or disk space) of your Gen 4 VPS plan, you can upgrade to a higher plan using your GoDaddy account.

Note: Once your purchase for an upgrade is complete, the changes are permanent and cannot be reversed. Downgrades to plans with lower resource allocations are not available.
  1. Sign in to your GoDaddy product page.
  2. In your My Products page, select Servers.
  3. Next to the Gen 4 VPS you want to use, select Manage.
  4. In your Gen 4 VPS Dashboard, at the bottom of the Usage section, select Upgrade Server.
  5. Select the plan you want to upgrade to, and then select Purchase.
  6. Complete the checkout process.
  7. In your Gen 4 VPS Dashboard, a pop-up menu will appear. Select if you want to Upgrade Now or Upgrade Later.
    Note: Keep in mind that there may be a period of downtime during an upgrade. We recommend running the upgrade when visitor traffic is low.

If you choose to upgrade later, the pop-up will close. When you're ready to perform the upgrade, select Complete Upgrade in the top banner of your Gen 4 VPS Dashboard.

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