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What are WooCommerce user roles?

WooCommerce adds a Customer and Shop Manager role to your WordPress site. In addition, the following capabilities are included:

  • manage_woocommercefor WooCommerce settings
  • view_woocommerce_reports


When a user registers for a new account via checkout or signing-up, they will be assigned the role of Customer and are able to do the following:

  • Like a blog subscriber, they will be granted read access for most functions.
  • View and edit their personal account information.
  • View their order history.

Shop Manager

When granted Shop Manager access, a user will be able to login into the WordPress dashboard but they will not have all the capabilities that an Admin does. Mainly, they will have the following user permissions:

  • manage_woocommerce- allows the Shop Manager to create and edit products and manage WooCommerce settings.
  • view_woocommerce_reports- grants the Shop Manager access to view WooCommerce reports.

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